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Official C.O.G Graphical Enhancement

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Official C.O.G Graphical Enhancement

Post by Veteran Alpha on Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:47 pm

You may ask yourself. What is this special topic for? As you all know we have banners, user icons and buttons on the site. This topic is your chance to have your header banner or user icon make an appearance on the site itself. Whilst we do have an amazing Engineering Corps department. I would love for users of the Community to pitch in their own designs aswell.  Very Happy


We are right now at the current moment running pretty short on main header banners. Which is why we need some more of them.


900x200 pixels (no smaller, no larger)
Text suggested (without quotation marks): "COG"
"C.O.G" "Commonwealth Order"
"Commonwealth Order Of Gamers"

Acceptable Banners designs:
Video Games related
Military related (Ground Forces, Special Forces, Air Force, Navy etc:) (No Terrorist Organizations or Evil Armies, for an example WW2 German Wehrmacht is allowed as long as no Nazi imagery or symbols are shown, same thing applies to everything else.)
Historical Military related (Knights, Spartans, Romans etc:)
Popular historical figures (John F. Kennedy, Józef Piłsudski, only Military leaders or country leaders, no Dictators, Celebs or Warlords etc:)
Comics or TV Shows based on Comics (Marvel, DC, Luke Cage TV Show etc:)
Any army, action, drama, history movie allowed. (Scarface, Hacksaw Ridge, Edge of Tomorrow etc:)

No nudity. No .gif animations.
No bright or dark backgrounds unless they're balanced well with content.

If you have not noticed by now. Then we are using the default category/forum buttons right now for the site. The only custom made buttons are the main home page buttons below the main header banner. Everything else is default. More custom buttons would be amazing to see.

Max size 50x50 pixels. If you make a set, they can be smaller.
.gif's are encouraged! Show me your best animations
Try to match the setting and the color of the site
The set layout is:

Set 1:
Active Category (means there's been new posts in one of its subforums)
Inactive Category (no new posts in any of its subforums)
Locked Category (usually not visible to members. means no new posts can be made in any of its subforums)

Set 2:
Active Subforum (means that there have been new posts in some of its topics)
Inactive Subforum (no new posts in any of its topics)
Locked Subforum (only staff can post topics or replies in them)


These are the small images that you can see at the bottom of the homepage. As of the current moment, all of them are made only by me. Some custom made images by the community would be a beautiful sight.

105x220 pixels or 105x350 pixels
.png or .gif (animations allowed)
Preferably not bordered because its section may extend vertically,


As you all know we have custom Smilies and Emoticons. Both animated and still images. We have memes, Animated Memes, Countryballs and different symbols. We most likely missing a lot of every single one of them. Which is why you can submit some of them here.

Memes: 32x32 Pixels (no smaller, no larger)
Animated Memes: 118x118 (no smaller, no larger)
Countryballs: 64x64 (no smaller, no larger)
Symbols: 64x64 (no smaller, no larger)

COG Engineers are also able to drop in their designs for the site. But the COG Engineers don't always have free time. We all have real life to take care. Which is why all members are invited to participate and submit their Designs!

That's about all for now Smile
Fire up your graphics programs and let us see some of the magic you have in your hands and heads!
Looking forward to seeing your submissions!
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