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Favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s).

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Favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s).

Post by kajboy04 on Wed May 03, 2017 7:56 pm

I was wondering what your favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s) is. So share here your favorite movie(s) and TV Show(s), you can also add a review.

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Re: Favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s).

Post by LostSamurai155 on Wed May 03, 2017 8:49 pm

Would it count if i said Family Guy as I watched every single episode and season about 2 or 3 times. I just enjoyed the show mainly because of Peter's retarded actions and ideas. Overall, I would give the show (cartoon) a 9/11.

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Re: Favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s).

Post by Veteran Alpha on Wed May 03, 2017 9:28 pm

Well this oughta be interesting. Let's start with the fact that i watch more American TV Shows than Polish or British. American TV Shows just exceed in terms of Plot, storytelling, character likeness to the setting itself.

But before we make the cut to American TV Shows, i need to mention some of my favorite Polish TV Shows.

Belle Epoque

This is a relatively new TV show that appears on the Polish TV. Obviously you won't be able to watch it as well i doubt any of you understand Polish so i will give you a quick small description about it.

The story follows Jan Edigey-Korycki who is working as a Detective in Kraków in 1908. Which at the time it belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire as Poland was not on the map.

Think of it as a Sherlock Holmes in the 1908's Poland. Every episode features a different case and with each episode Jan gets closer to the answer he needs regarding his Mothers murder.

If this TV Show was available in English i guarantee you that it would be really popular in the UK and the US.


Think of this one as a Teenage Drama. Every episode has some crazy shit happening and every episode is rarther exciting and unique.

Some episode are cringe but i can get behind it. The characters are really likable and rarther interesting.

But other than that. Im also pretty certain that it would be popular in the UK and the US if it was in English, lots of Teenagers would probably enjoy it.

Breaking Bad

Well this takes me back. Started watching this some years ago. Probably when i was still in High School. Im still on Season 5. joy

Not anywhere near to finishing it but i don't want to finish it. It is such a good TV show with one of the best and unique plots. Been watching it for the past few years and every episode gets more tense and interesting which makes you want to keep watching.

Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great TV show to watch.

Marvel's: Luke Cage

Already finished watching the first season and i want more. Netflix said that they are to release a second season some time soon but i WANT IT NOW!!!!!!

Luke Cage is a Marvel superhero character. And before you say anything. He is not that twat of a Luke Cage. He is a proper good looking and badass Luke Cage.

Twat Luke Cage:

Badass Luke Cage:

And these probably have to be my favorite scenes.

Game Of Thrones

What's to say? It is a great Medieval style TV show except that it ain't Medieval. It is almost like Skyrim the TV Show if you ask me.

Good characters and a really enjoyable story as it showcases multiple characters throughout each episode.

I say give it a watch if you are a big fan of The Elder Scroll game series.

13 Reasons Why

Only started watching this a few days ago but i fell in love with it. A Netflix original TV series. 13 reasons why is a mystery crime TV Show, involving the suicide of a student who after her death she was somehow able to send out tapes to multiple people who were responsible for her suicide. Every episode gets more mysterious and some episodes may even be depressing. But i like this TV Show. It is something unique and its trying to send a big message to people.

Well. That's all for now. Those are my favorite TV shows as of the moment and the ones i watch right now. I will add other TV shows to the list if i start watching some new ones.


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Re: Favorite movie(s)/TV Show(s).

Post by Sponsored content

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